Wednesday, April 22, 2009


More pretty colors, bizarre ideas, and true wisdom from the thrifts. Better that Barnum's American Museum.

I would have totally checked out this book on "library day" back in grade school. Thrilling to the adventures of rock-em-sock-em paleontologists who spared no expense in finding the fabled coelacanth. Goosebumps. I was, and still am, a nerd.

My new catch phrase: dog plate. As in, Dude, that's so dog plate.

Vintage balls. Soooooo dog plate.

Game night, 1973 style. And you thought the seventies were all about boring coke snorting and wife swaps. Screw that, we're rocking the backgammon, mo-fo!

I smell a lawsuit. Which came first, the DC Cab or this LP? And if I'm not mistaken...

You can totally see Conway's Twitty. "Mr. T" indeed!

pretty. Looks like a crystal matrix table to me.

The bubonic plague never looked so jaunty. Why am I thinking Chuckles ?

Either it's the greatest most mind-blowing paradigm shifting book ever written or it isn't.

Wild horses in love. The painting. You can now die happy. Dog plate.

Monday, April 06, 2009


An AV representation of cause and effect? Why is it the British have their own version of irritable bowels? Kinda nationalistic, no? And who would film it?

Nice cover image. Ruins the tension. No mystery whatsoever. Do I really need to watch the video now? I know that tree stands (whatever the hell those are) can likely lead to extreme death. By the way, who would film this guy falling off his birch perch? I wonder if they followed him all the way down.

Never trust a grinning American child with a shotgun. 'nuff said.

Special bonus video! Magic Trolls and the Troll Warriors?! Yay! 62 minutes of sickeningly sweet toy/candy/ game prommotional dreck! Woo-hoo! Quick, where's that irritable bowels video?