Thursday, February 28, 2008


Thrift stores are mainly clothes. Contrary to popular belief it's not all used underwear.

There's something profound to say (though I'm not really the one to say it) about our obsession with clothes and their ultimately disposable nature. Then again, so many of the clothes on the Salvation Army racks was only just recently in the back of grandma's closet, where it hung for the last 34 years. Much of these outfit offerings are ugly, dirty, holey, smelly and/or just plain boring. But I fall in love every time I walk into thrift store when I look at the wonderful tags inside these cast offs.

In the interest of keeping this blog up to date, with my standard two posts a month, and because I just just got beat-up by my dentist this morning (my four wisdom teeth have just gone to the big tooth fairy in the sky), I'm going to do an easy, fairly comment less post, just highlighting these little tapestries sewn into the clothing we used to wear. Hope you enjoy. Just imagine you're in a very tiny art gallery... that smells a bit like moth balls...