Saturday, August 22, 2009


Not hardly dead yet, just a moving a little slower lately. Actually, I'm going through a phase where I'm trying to get real world stuff done...

If my loyal readers can live with less witty commentary and just weirdo pics then maybe I can keep the bloggy woggy on life support until the real world recedes into the background again and I can devote more attention to the thrift store universe...

a place that is just as real but not as brightly lit to steal from an old, bad 80s TV show.

By the way, this was my favorite page of the "Read All About Dead 60s Rock Stars":

Keep on truckin'


Anonymous said...

Try diggin round back the gas station if that's your bag. Just don;t dig your own.

Anonymous said...

Hey Thrift Store Adventures, we thought you might be interested in this new museum of kitsch (at launching on September 14th but we can't find your contact info - please email Kristen at kitsch(at)ghettogloss(dot)com for more information. Thanks!


Yes, keep on truckin'.

JEllerbrock said...

Hey, I bought a Thomas Harris book at a thrift store once...look at Jim Morrison and to the left. He must be popular there.

QueenBebop said...

Hi love to shop at the thrift stores.

thrift store said...

love your site very unique items.

Jenny said...

Omg! I found your blog by accident and fell in love!!!!! I go to thrift stores all the time and can relate! You found some AWESOMELY hilarious stuff!!!! I am posted you on my blog! lol. Just thought I would share! :)

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